Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Truth v/s Deceit, Lies and Stuff

Two narcissists who sat amongst the genuine seekers in the FiT programme were asked to leave when their vicious agendas came to light and were dissociated from Kosmic Fusion (https://www.kosmicfusion.com/important-public-notice-dissociation-of-irene-ling-joy-kuo-and-dallia-iphigenie-amoutzias/)

Out of their own spite they went ahead crying wolf, spreading rumors and lies and printed a biased article which i totally reject. It was an investigative journalism, something seems amiss as i wasnt approached for any interrogation/ clarification while still being a volunteer for Kosmic Fusion. All the 9 FiTs have answered the derogatory questions emailed to Shri Ji by Walls and Kilgallon, national correspondants of Stuff and we all have given our contact details but none other than Nandini was contacted. And that too without giving Nandini any prior notice or taking an appointment they just very slyly landed at her shop to take her by surprise.

My response to the demeaning and belittling questions raised by the national correspondents of Stuff :

Kindly read the Facts written by my fellow FiTs :






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  1. It is shocking to see how despite writing such crystal clear answers, the idiots never approached the rest of the volunteers. They would have had NO content to write whatsoever in their so called investigative article had they spoken to the real volunteers, would they?


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This blog is my response to the very biased, paid article in which two former FiTs who were disassociated from Kosmic Fusion ( https://www....